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Welcome. If you or someone you know would like to run an advertisement(s) on this site, and/or on the podcast, then this page is for you.

Advertise on the Site:

As far as the site goes, all of my in-house advertising runs through Blogads. With Blogads you can upload your ad(s), and then run them on a specific Blogads sponsored site (such as this one), or target an entire market niche and run your ads on a grouping of sites (called a Hive)–such as the Book Hive or the Science Hive.

Rates are based on a per day/per week basis. The rates are different for each site (and also different for the different ad spots on each site), based largely on popularity and exposure.

The ad spots available on this site are as follows (all of these can be seen on this page–except #2 which can be seen at the home page, beneath the 1st post):

1. Top and Center Beneath Header (728X90)

2. Beneath 1st Post (200X400 + 500 characters of text or 400X400 + 1000 characters of text)

3. Sidebar Top (300X250 or 300X600)

4. Sidebar 2nd From Top (300X250 or 300X600)

5. Sidebar 3rd From Top (300X250 or 300X600)

6. Sidebar 4th From Top (160X200 + 300 characters of text or 160X160 + 300 characters of text)

7. Sidebar 5th From Top (125X125)

To find out the rates of each, please visit my order page here: My Order Page

The Blogads homepage is here: Blogads Homepage

Advertise on the Podcast:

As far as the podcast goes, all of my audio ad spots run through Podbean. With Podbean you can upload your audio ads directly to the site (30 seconds maximum). To find out more about this process, and the cost of running audio ads click on the following link:
advertise on podbean

Thanks for stopping by. I hope we can do business together, and both profit from the arrangement.



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