#44. A Summary of ‘The Solution Revolution: How Business, Government and Social Enterprises Are Teaming Up to Solve Society’s Toughest Problems’ by William D. Eggers and Paul Macmillan

Table of Contents: i. Introduction/Synopsis PART I: FROM PUBLIC PRESSURE TO CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY 1. The Public Demand for Corporate Social Responsibility 2. The Response from Business a. Corporate Social Responsibility Reports (CSRs) b. Corporate Philanthropy and Philanthropic Projects PART … Continue reading

#29. A Summary of ‘The Future: Six Drivers of Global Change’ by Al Gore

Table of Contents: i. Introduction/Synopsis 1. Work: The World of Work in the New Global Economy a. An Introduction to the Global Economy b. Outsourcing c. Robosourcing d. Automation in the Financial Industry e. The Redistribution of Wealth 2. Power: … Continue reading